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Professional Psychotherapy &

Assessment Services  

​Sven Schild, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Certified EMDR Clinician

Insurance Plans

Dr. Schild is an in network therapist with the AetnaCigna, and Medicare*** (NOT MediCal or Medi-Medi)

If  you would like to use your insurance to pay for your psychotherapy, please contact your health insurance company prior to scheduling your first appointment to verify your coverage. In most cases, your insurance contact information can be found on your insurance card. When you call, please ask about:

  1. Which insurance company covers yours actual behavioral health benefits. In many cases, mental health benefits are frequently managed by another insurance company which may not be listed on your insurance card. For example, if you have Blue Shield of California, your mental health benefits are likely covered under Magellan (not Blue Shield). 
  2. Your deductible (i.e., the amount of money you have to pay before your insurance will cover anything)
  3. Your co-payment per visit (i.e., the amount that is not covered by your insurance & that you are required to pay for each appointment)
  4. If pre-authorization is required (if so, please write down the authorization number provided by your insurance carrier) and
  5. The number of sessions that are approved.

Medi-Cal Information

  • Please note that Dr. Schild does not participate any Medi-Cal plans, even if they are managed by another insurance provider, such as Anthem or MHN.

Even if Dr. Schild does not accept direct payment from your insurance, most insurance companies will pay for so called "out of network" providers. To find out if you have this benefit, please call your insurance company and ask them if they have an out-of-network provision.  Make sure to also ask about your deductible and your co-payment. 

Some insurance companies will also reimburse some of your out-of pocket expenses even if Dr. Schild is not one of their providers or your insurance does not have an "out of network" provision. In those cases, Dr. Schild will provide you with a billing statement which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Again, please call your insurance company prior to your appointment to find out about your mental health benefits. 

*** If you have Medicare and would like to use your insurance benefits to pay for Dr. Schild's services, please read the following Medicare Notice. Please note that Dr. Schild does NOT accept any Medical plans.