Professional Psychotherapy &

Assessment Services  

​Sven Schild, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Certified EMDR Clinician


If you have an appointment with Dr. Schild, please arrive 25 to 30 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment to complete the Adult Intake Form and the Client Consent Form.  In order to save time, you may download and complete these documents on your own time at home.  Otherwise, these documents will be provided to you in Dr. Schild's waiting area.  

You can download these documents by clicking on the following links: 

  • If you have been referred by a psychiatrist, physician, attorney, or other mental health professional, or have recently been in treatment with another clinician, and you would like Dr. Schild to communicate with that person, please also complete the Release of Information Form (PDF). 

If you are seeking treatment for a substance related problem (i.e., alcohol or drugs) or you are concerned about your current substance use, please complete the Substance Use Questionnaire (PDF).

If you have a hearing loss, please complete the Hearing Loss Questionnaire (PDF).

Note: To download a free version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the PDF files, please click here.

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