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​Sven Schild, PhD, SEP, TCC

​​​​​​Discover Healing with Somatic Experiencing:

A Compassionate Path to Trauma Recovery

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a pioneering body oriented approach to trauma recovery which was developed by the eminent Peter Levine, PhD. Dr. Schild completed a 3-year training program in SE and subsequently obtained the certificate of Somatic Experiencing Practitioner or SEP. In addition, Dr. Schild completed additional trainings and Master classes in SE with Peter Levine, PhD and Kathy Kain, PhD. 

Understanding Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is a therapeutic modality that acknowledges the intricate interplay between the mind and body in the context of trauma. Dr. Peter Levine's groundbreaking work draws inspiration from observing how animals instinctively release stress after life-threatening events. Translated into the human experience, Somatic Experiencing provides a gentle and empowering path for individuals to renegotiate and resolve traumatic experiences stored in the body.

Core Principles: Compassion in Action
At the core of Somatic Experiencing lie three fundamental principles that shape its compassionate framework.

1. Titration
Titration involves the careful breakdown of overwhelming experiences into smaller, more manageable components. This principle recognizes the importance of a gradual and nuanced approach to trauma recovery, ensuring individuals can navigate the healing journey at their own pace without the risk of retraumatization.

2. Pendulation
Pendulation honors the natural rhythm between the activation and deactivation of the nervous system. This principle allows individuals to oscillate between states of arousal and rest in a regulated manner. Practitioners skillfully guide clients through this natural pendulum to support the release of stored energy.

3. Completion
Completion focuses on guiding clients through the discharge of energy associated with traumatic experiences, fostering a sense of resolution. Dr. Schild, as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, brings expertise to help individuals complete the natural fight-or-flight responses that may have been thwarted during the trauma, promoting integration and empowerment.

The Dynamic Process of Somatic Experiencing

1. Heightened Body Awareness
Somatic Experiencing begins with cultivating heightened body awareness. Clients, under the compassionate guidance of Dr. Schild, explore bodily sensations, movements, and postures linked to their traumatic memories. This heightened awareness serves as a gateway to accessing and understanding the somatic imprints of their experiences.

2. Tracking Sensations and Energy
Dr. Schild skillfully assists clients in tracking bodily sensations and the flow of energy associated with trauma. This involves a mindful exploration of subtle shifts, tensions, or releases within the body. By tuning into these sensations, individuals can gradually release trapped energy and restore a sense of equilibrium.

3. Resourcing and Capacity Building
Central to the SE journey is the concept of resourcing, which Dr. Schild adeptly employs. Identifying and activating internal and external supports enhances an individual's capacity to engage with trauma. Through resourcing, individuals build internal strength and stability to approach traumatic memories with greater resilience.

4. Gradual Titration and Integration
The therapeutic process employs the titration approach to break down overwhelming experiences into manageable components. Dr. Schild guides clients through a gradual exploration and integration of these components, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for the nervous system to adjust without overwhelm.

5. Empowerment and Integration
Somatic Experiencing empowers individuals to renegotiate their relationship with traumatic memories. Through gentle exploration and compassionate guidance, clients reclaim their innate capacity for healing, fostering a sense of safety, resilience, and integration.

Applications and Efficacy
Somatic Experiencing, in the hands of a skilled practitioner has proven highly effective in addressing various forms of trauma, including single-incident trauma, developmental trauma, and complex PTSD. Its adaptability makes it applicable across diverse populations and cultural contexts, offering a holistic and inclusive approach to healing.

Embrace the Journey of Healing 
Embark on a transformative journey of healing with Somatic Experiencing, guided by the expertise of Dr. Schild, a dedicated Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. To learn more about SE or to find another Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in your area, please visit

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